BackGait Analysis & Retraining

Every single day we take thousands of steps to go about our busy lifestyles. But are you aware of the effects that poor walking or running practice can have on your body?  Often times unresolved pain, strain, injuries and headaches are all symptoms of poor movement and posture practiced during our daily activities. At Smart Movement we offer gait and running analysis using movement analysis skills and technology. Smart Movement has become renowned for its expertise in the field of walking and running analysis, with our team of exercise physiologists involved in teaching a number other allied health professionals how they can best assess and rehabilitate gait problems suffered by their patients. With a PhD in gait and foot mechanics, our own Dr Robert Crowther leads the way in gait analysis and assessment.

Through our gait analysis, we offer technique advice for people of all fitness levels.

Whether you love running for exercise or for competition, our running analysis service will help to enhance your technique and address any difficulties you suffer from as a result of pain, frequent injury, and/or slow and prolonged recovery.  

Our team of professional exercise physiologists aim to identify mechanical and muscular issues particular to your body using our movement analysis skills and modern technology. If your running or walking is hurting or preventing your exercise, work or general day-to-day tasks, book an appointment for a timely analysis of your walking or running issue. For the very best in gait analysis, trust no other than Smart Movement.