BackGut & Hormone Checks

Want to know what food your body is processing or want to know what your hormone levels are? here at Smart Movement we can organise for you to have a range of NutriPATH Integrative Pathology tests.

NutriPATH offers an extensive range of testing panels in the areas of:

Hormone Health

Allergies & Intolerances

Gut Health

Nutritional Testing

Genetic Testing


How to start using NutriPATH Integrative Pathology

Step 1: Make a short initial consultation with Smart Movement to determine the best assessment for you

Step 2: Order the appropirate test collection kit to your door. This can be done online once you have completed the request forms

Step 3: Once you have the test collection kit, carefully read the collection instructions before procedding to collect the specimen. Collect specimen, complete patient details section of the request form and post to NutriPATH

Step 4: NutriPATH will process the specimen and send the result directly to Smart Movement. Smart Movement will then send the email to you.

Step 5: Come back to Smart Movement for a chat about the results and discuss strategies for treatment if needed.