BackJessica P

Jessica P came at a time when I was ready to admit to myself that working for big businesses, a corporation or someone else’s company was not for me. By the first few years of my 20’s I finished my undergrad in Exercise Physiology, I had been a university lecturer, a project manager and numerous other roles in between, hoping that somewhere out there, I would find the ‘job’ that justified my time and energy. I accepted a job in marketing and development which I must admit I think I only accepted it to have an income after my previous contract finished. I think I knew it wasn’t going to be for me before I even started.


So, after my second shift, I drove home, ate a fulfilling lunch and started pouring soy candles over my gas stove in the kitchen. It was a starter kit I bought off eBay to add to my crafty hobby collections. It was unplanned yet autonomous. My very supportive husband, helped me draw up plans and numbers and soon we were turning Jessica P into something real and exciting! I have used natural soy wax and only natural essential oils for fragrances like Lavender, Lemon-eucalyptus, Rose-geranium and Cedarwood. I’m trying to offer chemical free products that convey the sophistication of minimalism and handmade art and homewares. Many of the essentials oils also offer calming and soothing effects when burnt around your home.


Making these candles is teaching me to be patient and reminding me that we can all create something that wasn’t there before. Soy wax is delicate and cannot be rushed! Jessica P is already expanding into other home art like my own paintings and live succulent jars. I also write and hope to self-publish one day.


I hope you love these candles as much as I do and I hope the words printed on them, remind you of the great significance you hold in your own life and existence.


As it turns out, I just love making things.


Jessica P xx